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Plant Rental Services

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Office Plant Rental and Care

We'll bring in the right plants for your workspace and maintain them as often as needed!

Event Plant Rental

Perfect for photoshoots, bridal showers and more. We bring the plants to you and pick them up when you're done.


Plant benefits

Improve Air Quality

Increase Productivity

Reduce stress

Beautify your space


About Us

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Hi there! We're originally from the tiny island of Guam and we've been married for over 17 years. We know first hand the benefits of being around live plants. We also know how difficult it can be to choose the right indoor plants for your space and KEEP THEM ALIVE so we're taking the guesswork completely out of the equation so you can just enjoy the benefits!

 Nik is an avid plant lover and grew up on a fish farm. Her father is a retired professor and she grew up largely influenced by aquaculture, horticulture and aquaponics. When she isn't caring for her own plant collection, she loves to create spaces for others where creativity and positivity flourish. Give her a plant and she'll name it, talk to it and give it love. 

Joey is an Air Force Veteran and a firm believer in customer service and attention to detail. Quality is the name of his game and when he isn't working out, he enjoys working on things that are detail oriented. Give him a plant and he'll create a list of its light requirements and a detailed watering and feeding schedule. 

 -Nik and Joey


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